Are you interested in how designers and publishers have met with success? Tom Vasel sits down with designers and publishers, and talks about how they got to where they are, with an emphasis on tips for aspiring game designers.

Today we interview TC Petty III

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Today we have Gil Hova on the show to talk about how he figured out the game industry.

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Today we interview Chip Beauvais.

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Today we talk to Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback about how they got to where they are in the industry.

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Today we talk to Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me Games and the State of Games Podcast.

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Randy Hoyt from Foxtrot Games joins us to talk about his journey through the world of board game.

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Today talk with Scott Almes about his path to success.

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Today we talk with the Bamboozle Brothers about their success.

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Today we talk with Michael Coe from Gamelyn Games.

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For Episode Thirty-Eight we interview designer Matt Leacock.

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For our thirty-seventh episode, we talk to Bryan Pope, head of Arcane Wonders and designer of Mage Wars!

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For our thirty-sixth episode, we talk to Philip duBarry, author of games such as Revolution!

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For our thirty-fifth episode, we talk to Jeff Anderson from about running conventions.

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For our thirty-fourth episode, we talk to Michael Webb from Alliance Games Distribution.

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For our thirty-third episode, we talk to Jamey from Stonemaier games about his publishing and designer experience.

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For our thirty-second episode, we talk with Aldie from

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For our thirty-first episode, we talk with Nathan from Pandasaurus Games.

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Richard Bliss, of the Funding the Dream podcast, joins Tom for a spirited conversation about Kickstarter!

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For our twenty-ninth episode, we talk with John Ward, excutive director of GAMA and Origins Game Fair.

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For our twentieth-eigth episode, we talk to Curt Covert, designer of Cutthroat Caverns and head of Smirk & Dagger Games.

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In our twenty-seventh episode, we talk to Lewis Pulsipher, designer of Britannia and author of Game Design: How to Creat Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish.

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For our twenty-sixth episode, I talk with Mary Couzin, founder of ChiTAG and the TAGgies.   We talk about families and gaming, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, and more!

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For our twenty-fifth episode, we interview Seth Hiatt, founder of Mayday Games - makers of card sleeves, Crokinole boards, and games!

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For our twenty-fourth episode, we talk to Keith Blume about his time with Eagle Games, Gryphon Games, and now Queen Games.  We're back!!

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Yes, it's a two (maybe three) week hiatus.  But we'll be back - hang on for more great interviews!

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For our twenty-third episode, we talk to Gordon Lamont, half of the team from Fragor games - designer of Shear Panic, Snow Tails, and more!

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For our twenty-second episode, we talk to Jordan Weisman, creator of Battletech, Shadowrun, Mage Knight, and more!

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For our twenty-first episode, we talk with Aldo Ghiozzi, head of Impressions Games Distribution Services.  We talk about what Impressions is, and the gaming industry as a whole. 

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For our twentieth episode, we talk to Devin Low, designer of Legendary: Marvel, as well as a lead developer of Magic, Axis and Allies Miniatures and more!

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For our nineteenth episode, we talk to Colby, designer of Summoner Wars and head of Plaid Hat Games

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For our eighteenth episode, we take a look at GTS distribution, with Bobby Stickel explaining just how distribution works and its importance to the hobby.

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For our seventeenth episode, we talk to Mike Elliott, designer of Lost Legends, Quarriors, Thunderstone, and more!

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For our sixteenth episode, we talk to Susan, designer of Qwirkle and many other great games!

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For our fifteenth episode, we talk to Josh, designer of Wasabi and artist/graphic designer of many other games.

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For our fourteenth episode, we talk to Christopher Badell, originator of Sentinels of the Multiverse and head of Greater than Games.

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Due to my travelling to Korea next week for ten days, no show today.

I'm very sorry!  We got three great shows recorded and lined up for you over the next few weeks!

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For our thirteen episode, we talk to Michael, head of Tasty Minstrel Games

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For our twelth episode, we talk to David, publisher of Clever Mojo Games and developer for Game Salute.

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For our eleventh episode, we talk to Brad, who is both a designer (Pixel Tactics, BattleCon) and a publisher - Level 99 Games.

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For our tenth episode, we talk to Geoff, who has done much co-designing with his children - including the popular Space Cadets game.

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This is a special "live" episode of Board Game University (which causes some microphone issues, sorry!).  At the Dice Tower Convention 2013, Tom sits down with Robert Burke, Richard Launius, Bryan Pope, and Colby Dauch - to talk about board game designing.  With live questions from the audience.  And a bear!

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For our eight episode, Tom talks to Rob Daviau about his experiences working for Hasbro.  They discuss Heroscape, Risk Legacy, and more!

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For our seventh episode, we talk to designer Stephen Glenn, who produced games such as Balloon Cup and !st and Goal.

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In this episode we talk to Mark from Days of Wonder about how that company went from small to where they are now - and how they decide to put out their games.

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For our fifth episode, we talk to Eric Lang, designer of Chaos in the Old World and Quarriors

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For our fourth episode, we talk to Andrew Parks, designer of Core Worlds and Camelot Legends

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For our third episode, we talk with Zev, founder of Z-man Games (Clash of Cultures, Agricola)

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For our second episode, we talk with Jay Little, designer of games such as Blood Bowl Team Manager and X-wing Miniatures

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In our first episode, we are joined by Stephen Buoncore, president of Stronghold Games (Survive, Core Worlds)

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