Are you interested in how designers and publishers have met with success? Tom Vasel sits down with designers and publishers, and talks about how they got to where they are, with an emphasis on tips for aspiring game designers.

For our thirty-seventh episode, we talk to Bryan Pope, head of Arcane Wonders and designer of Mage Wars!

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For our thirty-sixth episode, we talk to Philip duBarry, author of games such as Revolution!

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For our thirty-fifth episode, we talk to Jeff Anderson from about running conventions.

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For our thirty-fourth episode, we talk to Michael Webb from Alliance Games Distribution.

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For our thirty-third episode, we talk to Jamey from Stonemaier games about his publishing and designer experience.

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For our thirty-second episode, we talk with Aldie from

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For our thirty-first episode, we talk with Nathan from Pandasaurus Games.

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Richard Bliss, of the Funding the Dream podcast, joins Tom for a spirited conversation about Kickstarter!

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For our twenty-ninth episode, we talk with John Ward, excutive director of GAMA and Origins Game Fair.

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For our twentieth-eigth episode, we talk to Curt Covert, designer of Cutthroat Caverns and head of Smirk & Dagger Games.

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In our twenty-seventh episode, we talk to Lewis Pulsipher, designer of Britannia and author of Game Design: How to Creat Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish.

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